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Bridget Cantrell Interviewed on the Truth about PTSD

Hosted by Army Veteran Michael S. Orban
With Special Guest Dr. Bridget C. Cantrell
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Stardust Radio Interview (MP3)

Holiday Stress Warrior Article ©
by Dr. Bridget Cantrell

Hearts Toward Home International Receives 2008 Best of Bellingham Award:
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Dr. Bridget Cantrell Radio Interviews:

Debbie Chavez Radio Show, Sept 8, 2008 (Emotions / PTSD)

Beth Wilson and Bridget Cantrell talk radio show | PTSD and the Military Spouse: What You Need to Know!
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NEWS!! - Dr. Bridget Cantrell and Chuck Dean receive
The Didi Hirsch 2008 Erasing the Stigma Leadership Award
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INFO!! - Transitional Workshops by Bridget C. Cantrell, Ph.D. Click here for PDF.

Hearts Toward Home International, is a non-profit charitable organization, that has been structured for the purpose of providing support, counseling, training, educational classes, materials, and re-integration and re-adjustment workshop/forums for military personnel (both active duty and veterans) and their families after war-time service.

The activities of “Hearts Toward Home International” are carried out with special emphasis on addressing issues that prevent present military personnel, as well as all war veterans, from re-entering society and having a quality life. The organizational purpose is to come to the aid of those war-fighters who have been exposed to traumatic experiences and who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after serving in military hazard zones. Additionally, HTH International is equipped to train facilitators and counselors in the skills of re-integrating military personnel with loved ones, and the civilian environs to which they return.

The specific use of “Turning Your Heart Toward Home” workbook course and the self-help book “Down Range: To Iraq and Back” are the primary materials utilized in forwarding this mission.

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Hearts Toward Home International

A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to the Restoration & Reintegration of Trauma Survivors.


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