Advice for service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan

Welcome home! It's a different home than when you left and you're a different person. Here's some advice for making the adjustments to civilian life:

  • Take it easy and learn about yourself.
  • Do not hide, but rather start talking and sharing your story.
  • Really explore and identify your triggers, know what sets you off and how to settle and move away from whatever is activating you.
  • Be patient, have reinforcements that you can rely upon when you need support.
  • Surround yourself with a strong support system that “gets you”
  • Do not give up on yourself or life.
  • Look for appropriate help that fits your needs.
  • Be a wise consumer and find a good fit for a therapist, a peer support specialist, Chaplain, or whatever works for you.

We all want you suceed.

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