Being There for our Warriors – Please Share

It’s stunning how many of our Warriors report that their NCO’s and others have responded to their PTSD with “you need to get over it.” This young soldier is one of those and fortunately we have him to tell it like it is and for that I salute him.

I hope that you will share this in order to educate those in the community who do not know how important it is to be there for our Warriors. He is so right. They need to tell their stories. They need care providers who will interact with them on a regular basis. If this soldier would have had someone to listen to the undercurrents of his frustration chances are he would not have been self-medicating with alcohol and he would not have lost it.

I hope this brings you to tears as it did me. Perhaps this will be the impetus needed to see that we can set a new course for them but it takes an entire nation to get on the same page, including care providers, those in the judicial system, family and community members, military leaders, etc. He and his fellow Warriors deserve nothing less from us who are free because of their sacrifices.

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