Dr. Bridget Cantrell’s Books

Dr. Bridget Cantrell’s books are required reading for returning military and can be found on the shelves of chaplains around the world. Her plain-speak approach that comes from decades of counseling those who have endured traumatic experiences.

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Check out what others have said about these crucial books:

“Dr. Cantrell, thank you for your books, they have saved my marriage. They have helped me to understand my husband better and given him permission to get the help he so desperately needs. We are both very grateful for your support.”

Down Range to Iraq and Back…..I want to tell you that I got your book when I was deployed and I had all sorts of ideas about coming home until I read it. I was better prepared after reading Down Range. When I got home I was very angry and I knew, from your book, that I could not afford to let my anger get the best of me.  My wife and I are in marriage counseling but it was your book that gave us what we needed to make some good decisions for us, from the beginning.” 

Once a Warrior: Wired for Life….This book was very informative and provided useful information for families who have loved ones returning from a combat deployment. This book should be provided to all families to read prior to homecoming to prepare them for the changes they will encounter. As a mother of a marine who served two tours, it helped me to understand what the service member had to endure while deployed.”

Souls Under Siege: the Effects of Multiple Troop Deployments-and How to Weather the Storm……Once again Dr Cantrell has bored to the heart of multiple deployment and post deployment problems. We can never have too much information regarding these issues. Dr Cantrell lays it out for even the least informed to understand and in terms that doesn’t swamp the read with a dirge techno-babble. This book should be “Issue” for all current military members and their families.”