How serious is suicide in the military?

Last year more service members took their lives than were killed in combat. Many of these servicemen were depressed and believed to be suffering from PTSD.

This is a huge issue and it can take time to surface. Our warriors return from their deployments and don’t really know how they will do when they attempt to reintegrate back into their families and the lives that they left when they were sent down range. We must start accepting the fact that Post Traumatic Stress is part of the program. In other words, it is to be expected that they will be changed by their warzone experiences. These are life-altering events which shake a person to the core of their soul and forever changes their perspective on the world and how they fit into this thing we call life.

Change is also an opportunity to see growth and view ourselves from a vantage point that may not have been available without these traumatic events happening.


How serious is suicide in the military? — 2 Comments

  1. When reading on PTSD, I concern as the widow how it affected the children in my life. To serve also as a veteran never going off to war but enabling others in performing my job to support those who were called. Being a nomad in a land of opportunity, and not having a voice within my own era is still hard pressed. Why is the VA so adamant on keeping us down? Is there another side to this picture that I cannot phantom?

    • I know it well! Thank You for responding. How does one exemplify the depth of our pain? Do you really want to know even those who stand fast and let others go down that path to war, knowing when they come back something has been stolen from their being? Once you feel the inertia of death, you don’t fear it…It offers peace within the storm brewing in our heads. We believe in God but have to live each day trying to unearth possibility and yet, so many do find away out of this darkness. I would go with all of them who feel this way just to be in their corner. I understand pain, loss, and deep longing for change. It’s about love, purpose, and living that embraces those who have felt the sorrow, knowing those who felt the agony. It hurts but some live and encounter set-backs. We can live with purpose if we feel it.

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