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Hearts Toward Home International

Dedicated to the Restoration & Reintegration of Trauma Survivors

Hearts Toward Home International is a registered not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. It serves to promote awareness of and provide assistance to trauma survivors who are dealing with their invisible scars.


Bridget Cantrell WorkshopDr. Bridget Cantrell’s workshops start with creating a familiarization with typical symptoms of PTSD/COS and then how to look for the signs along the trail and how these symptoms manifest themselves in our behaviors.

For example, PTSD from serving in the military has its own presentation and the behaviors associated with these reactions are often times an extension of the survival skills implemented while serving in our military. This aspect offers unique insight into the lives and thoughts of our military personnel as they attempt to transition from their deployments. These will be the same yet subtly different for others such as sexual assault, child abuse or disaster survivors.

The better educated survivors and their families can be about adjustment issues, the better the survivor will feel about their future prospects and families will be prepared to provide an sanctuary of honest compassion, understanding and hope.

While structured to accomplish necessary benchmarks, these workshops are interactive and discussion oriented. So each takes on its own flavor based on participants’ involvement and contributions.

Please contact Dr. Cantrell’s office to learn more about attending or hosting a workshop.